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Pollack Law Group, P.C. is a top-notch legal team of more than 20 attorneys, paralegals, and staff that bring a combined 100+ years of experience to our law firm. Our main office is in Southborough, Massachusetts, but we have additional client meeting locations in close proximity to Probate & Family Courts.

Choosing the Best Attorney to Handle Your Case

At Pollack Law Group, our attorneys are assigned particular sets of courthouses in order to focus on the different styles of the judges. We watch them in open court, and know what to expect beforehand so we are not thrown off guard. We see how other attorneys or divorcing parties are scolded or reprimanded so we can avoid the same mistakes. This helps us frame our arguments in certain ways or emphasize certain facts in different ways.

Legal Brain Trust

At Pollack Law Group, we like to say that our firm acts as a legal brain trust. What we mean by this is that our size, regional strength, reputation and knowledge of the probate and family law courts throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire are unparalleled. With our knowledge and experience, we are equipped to handle any case – even the most complicated.

Our divorce attorneys meet together multiple times every week to collaborate and discuss the details of our clients’ cases. By discussing case details among ourselves, we are able to share experiences, ask questions and strategize in a way that would not be possible without collaboration. The result is often a better experience for our clients and better case outcomes.

Delivering a World-Class Client Experience

Our unique, proprietary process of handling cases was designed and optimized with the goal of delivering a world-class experience to our clients. Each client is not only represented by one of our family law attorneys, but they also gain the support and intellectual capital of our brain trust – the entire group of Pollack Law Group’s family law staff, as well as access to our outside experts. This comes at no additional cost to our clients.

Facing a divorce or family law issue? Put our legal brain trust in your corner! Contact Pollack Law Group, P.C. for a review of your case.


Client Testimonials

  • “Attorney Heather O'Connor really fought to make sure the truth came out.”

  • “Your personal investment in my case put my anxieties at ease and left me with a sense of security.”

  • “They supported me through what could have been a disaster, to a very good resolution.”

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