Massachusetts Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Pursuing an Uncontested Divorce

Have you and your spouse decided to pursue an uncontested divorce? Pollack Law Group, P.C. is here to help. Pursuing an uncontested divorce can provide you and your spouse with numerous benefits that will go a long way in resolving your divorce. By pursuing uncontested divorce, you can benefit by:

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Settling your issues outside of court
  • Having more control over the outcome of your divorce

If you and your spouse commit to agreeing on the issues associated with your divorce, then uncontested divorce could be a good option for you. Our uncontested divorce attorneys can help you navigate this option.

Why Is Uncontested Divorce More Affordable?

Pursuing an uncontested divorce is more affordable because you avoid many of the court and legal fees of a long, drawn-out legal battle. Essentially, the longer your divorce takes, the more fees you rack up, especially for cases that are handled in court before a judge. Settling your issues outside of court saves you money.

How Can an Uncontested Divorce Save Me Time?

What takes the most time in divorces is resolving contested issues. If there are no issues to contest, then the process should move fairly quickly. Divorce can be difficult enough, which is why many people prefer to get through the process as quickly as possible by choosing the uncontested route.

Choosing Pollack Law Group, P.C.

Few law firms have more experience than we do. With thousands of divorce and family law cases under our belts, there is little we haven’t seen. Whether your case is simple and straightforward or involves more complex issues, we are equipped for the challenge and can help you achieve the most favorable outcome.

To learn more about uncontested divorce and to determine whether you qualify, contact a Massachusetts divorce lawyer from the Pollack Law Group, (800) 234-7670 today for a free legal evaluation!

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  • “She focused on what was best for my child - all for one fee.”

  • “I was given outstanding representation.”

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