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Cost of a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

When men and women start thinking about divorce, one of the first questions they ask is: “How much will my legal fees cost?” If you are like most, you want your divorce completed quickly and at a low cost. But you also need a Massachusetts divorce lawyer who can get it done right.

The attorneys at Pollack Law Group, P.C. are dedicated to one thing—aggressively fighting to get our clients the best possible result. Our team is in court almost every day. We enjoy divorce and family law because we are good at it. We also know how to do it right.

Initial Consultation – FREE!

Call (800) 234-7670 or contact us online for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We offer several levels of assistance for divorce and family law matters:

  • Initial consultation – FREE
  • Limited assistance representation — starting at $1,500
  • Flat-fee uncontested divorce — starting at $1,975
  • Contested divorce — starting at $3,500
  • Divorce mediation and collaborative law – starting at $1,750 (per spouse)
  • Complex divorce litigation—starting at $10,000

Initial Consultation

Call (800) 234-7670 or contact us online for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

If you need help with some, but not all, of your legal matter, we may be help through Limited Assistance Representation. With LAR, also referred to as a la carte’ legal services, you pay for only the specific legal service you need, such as drafting a document or appearing in court for a specific hearing.

Flat-Fee Uncontested Divorce

While we are known for aggressive litigation, there are times when we also help clients avoid litigation altogether. If you and your spouse can be cooperative with each other, we can help you with an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce takes less time, saves both of you money and helps spare your children from the emotional wounds and scars resulting from a contentious divorce battle.

Once you and your spouse have agreed to the terms and conditions of your divorce, our Massachusetts divorce lawyers can help with:

  • Filing a Joint Petition for Divorce
  • Helping with required forms and pleadings
  • Preparing a single financial statement or affidavit
  • Drafting a basic Separation Agreement that outlines the terms of your agreement
  • Providing up to an hour of telephone and office conferences to review documents
  • Representing you at an uncontested divorce hearing to finalize your divorce

Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law

Also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR.

If you and your spouse can agree to work together, divorce mediation and collaborative law can help you resolve your divorce amicably, often with far less financial and emotional expense for you and your family. Senior Attorney Craig Silverman, a trained mediator and collaborative law attorney, leads our Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, helping couples reach agreement on the terms of their divorce without fighting it out in court. Visit our mediation and collaborative law website to learn more about these options, including including the benefits of ADR and whether it can work for you.

Contested Divorce

If your legal matter is relatively straightforward, you can save thousands of dollars in legal fees by keeping legal services to a minimum. Let our attorneys help you file the necessary court and financial documents, work with you to negotiate and settle your differences, and make a single court appearance to finalize your matter.

If your spouse is uncooperative and unwilling to negotiate toward settlement, it translates into more letters, discovery, motions, court hearings or even a long, drawn-out trial. The beginning stages of contested divorce representation include a temporary orders hearing, attorney assistance in the negotiation of child support, parenting plans and property division, and a final hearing before the court.

Complex Divorce Litigation

Complex divorce litigation includes any combination of the following:

  • Private investigations to justify alimony (or the termination of alimony)
  • Private investigations to support allegations of inappropriate parenting (documentation of alcoholism, drug use or unhealthy living conditions)
  • Extensive use of discovery tools, including subpoenas, document requests, interrogatories and depositions
  • Assistance with forensic accountants and other experts in searching for hidden assets in local, foreign, overseas or offshore bank accounts
  • Complex property division using forensic accountants, business valuators and appraisers, real estate appraisers, estate planning experts, tax advisers, fine art or collectible appraisers, etc.
  • Retaining vocational experts to identify either spouse's education, employment prospects and/or earning capacities
  • Court hearings with motions seeking orders for your spouse to maintain a job diary, documenting his or her efforts to seek employment
  • Court hearings seeking deviation from child support or alimony guidelines, including arguments related to extraordinary expenses, self-employment income, unemployment, overtime, bonus and commission income, fluctuating income and imputed income due to underemployment
  • Guardian ad litem investigations
  • Child relocation -- representing both custodial and noncustodial parents when it comes to requests to move a child an extended distance from his or her home or out of state

Let Us Manage Your Divorce and Control Your Costs

Whether you need full legal representation, limited representation or guidance in handling a simple, uncontested divorce, remember this: every time you go to court, your legal fees drastically increase. That’s why we recommend negotiating as many issues as possible to avoid going to court.

As a general rule, you should consider:

  • The longer your case drags on, and the more contentious your case becomes, the higher your legal fees will ultimately be.
  • Long, drawn-out custody battles due to conflict in parenting styles or to try to catch a break on child support will drive up the cost of your divorce.
  • Extended discovery to search for hidden assets or under-reported income drives your bill higher.
  • When one spouse has the desire to punish the other with the divorce process, costs increase.

Filing Motion to Reimburse Your Legal Fees

If your spouse uses bad faith in negotiation or litigation tactics, we can seek attorney fees and costs from your spouse by filing a Motion for Attorney Fees. You have every right to ask the court to punish your spouse for unreasonable conduct and delay tactics that force you to spend more in legal fees.

Simple or Complex Divorces: We Deliver Results

If you’re going through a divorce, PLG can outperform some of the toughest attorneys in the region. It’s what we do. We won’t let your spouse’s attorney dominate the case. Let us deliver optimal results with a focused sense of urgency.

To learn more, contact us at (800) 234-7670 to schedule an initial consultation.

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  • “I would hire her again and will recommend her to everyone!”

  • “She focused on what was best for my child - all for one fee.”

  • “I was given outstanding representation.”

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