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Over 100 Combined Years of Family Law Experience

With more than 100 years of combined experience among our 20 attorneys, paralegals, and professional staff, Pollack Law Group, P.C. is one of the region’s premier divorce and family law firms. People come to us because we know how things work in particular courtrooms throughout Massachusetts, we have a top-notch legal team and we are committed to delivering the best possible client experience with each case.

People who choose Pollack Law Group, P.C. get the advantage of a firm whose attention to detail is unparalleled and level of service is simply a higher caliber than those offered by some solo practitioners or other firms in the area.

We assign each of our attorneys to a particular set of courthouses in order to focus on and learn the judge’s styles. By watching and learning about the judges in these courts, we protect against getting caught off guard. We see far too often how other attorneys are reprimanded and the mistakes they make. Seeing this helps us frame our arguments and emphasize certain facts different ways. We know the Massachusetts Probate & Family courts and we know the judges. Simply put, we’re prepared.

Long-Standing Relationships with Experts

When you choose Pollack Law Group, you not only get our experienced attorneys in your corner, but you also gain the benefit of our long-standing relationships with vocational and other experts. We can help you gain direct access to almost any type of expert that your case may require!

Some of the experts we can use in your case include:

  • Vocational Experts
  • Custody Evaluators
  • Education Professionals
  • Business Professionals
  • Real Estate Specialists
  • Medical and Disability Experts

These individuals can testify in cases to help strengthen your case. They have experience working in specific courts as well as extensive experience in their professions, which means they can provide the expert testimony that can help us win your case!

Family Law Is Our Sole Focus

Attorney Irwin Pollack has limited his firm’s practice to the relentless pursuit of family law related cases, including divorce, custody, parenting, alimony and property division. With this singleness of focus, we are able to hone our skills and sharpen our strategies more effectively than a general practitioner dealing in multiple areas of law.

A Legal Brain Trust

We like to refer to our team of family lawyers as a legal brain trust. One of our biggest assets is the way each of our attorneys collaborates with one another. At least once a week, our family law attorneys get together to discuss strategy and glean experience from each other. Together, our attorneys, paralegals and professional staff have more than 100 years of experience. So when you retain Pollack Law Group, P.C. for your family law case, you’re not just getting the experience of one attorney on your side, you’re getting the knowledge of an entire team in your corner!

Contact Pollack Law Group, P.C. today if you are interested in getting a free, no-obligation family law consultation!

Client Testimonials

  • “I would hire her again and will recommend her to everyone!”

  • “She focused on what was best for my child - all for one fee.”

  • “I was given outstanding representation.”

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