Divorce Strategy

How Our Massachusetts Divorce Attorneys Work

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to divorce. Each case is as unique as the individual’s circumstances. Our approach starts with customizing our strategy to fit our client’s situation. During our initial consultation, we talk about your circumstances, your personal goals and a summary of your financial situation. Once we have gotten to know you, we often implement the following strategies based on your unique situation:

  1. File First. When a strategic approach is needed in divorce cases, nine times out of 10, we file first. This allows us to show how we have a clear plan of action. If done properly, filing first will allow you and your attorney to create significant advantages for yourself, avoid some common pitfalls and create a climate for a divorce settlement in which you have control of the situation.
  1. Be very careful about communications with your spouse. Assume all written communications will be used against you in court, and that anything you say is being recorded. Avoid arguments or fights of any kind.
  1. Don’t move out of your home prior to talking with your lawyer. If you do, you could lose a significant tactical advantage regarding the use of the home, access to financial resources, or parenting time with your children.
  1. Subpoena employment records to verify your spouse’s salary, bonus, and overtime income. This is the most accurate way of confirming income.
  1. Perform a name search with the Registry of Deeds. Double check that there are no other properties listed in your spouse’s name.
  1. Cross check your children’s attendance records with the parenting schedule to be sure the other parent is bringing the children to school on time. The same goes with making sure they don’t miss extra-curricular events or sporting events.
  1. If you are seeking more parenting time and find yourself being challenged, document your spouse’s unreasonableness. All your e-mails, text messages, or other forms of written communication are admissible in court and show your spouse’s lack of cooperation. Since Judge’s are concerned about how much of a role you play in your children’s lives, be sure to ask about parent-teacher conferences, doctor appointments, and calling your children’s friends’ parents to arrange sleep-overs or weekend getaways.
  1. Perform a social media inventory on the opposing party prior to filing. Take screen shots of all of their account history with pictures and statements that will help you prove your case.
  1. Beware of any sudden pre-divorce spending sprees by your spouse. Some spouses believe that such spending during marriage (just before separation or not) can inflate the family lifestyle, and justify an increase in child support or increase in alimony.
  1. Check the Secretary of State website. See whether or not your spouse is listed on any corporations as an officer or owner.

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