Few people understood how family law blended the emotional with the financial and the personal with the pragmatic like Irwin Pollack. As a father who went through a divorce himself, he understood the very real stakes of family law matters—both with regard to relationships and to financial security. He was a relentless advocate for every family he served, and his commitment to good divorce practice meant that even the other party benefited from his experienced and caring approach. In short, Irwin was a man who wholeheartedly believed in what he did—and what he did improved the lives of thousands of people. But above all else, Irwin’s total focus was family. He adored his children and his wife; they were the motivation for the work he did and they were what inspired him to always put family first personally and professionally. There’s no greater legacy than that.

Let the memory of Irwin be with us forever.

Irwin's Legacy

Since Irwin’s passing, our firm knew we needed to carry on his legacy.

During his lifetime, both on the Talking About Divorce radio show and as an attorney, Irwin believed that clients should be educated on the divorce process. He devoted his time to taking complex legal subjects and putting them in plain terms—helping regular men and women better understand the complex situation they found themselves going through. Irwin envisioned a legal industry that served clients and not pocketbooks; that educated as well as advocated. But truly the most important part of Attorney Pollack’s vision was a team of lawyers that always put children FIRST. That vision is too important not to continue.

Inspired by Irwin’s mission, Attorney Andy P. Miller founded Miller Law Group to bring the Pollack vision into the future. As a close friend and Managing Attorney at Pollack Law Group, Andy worked with Irwin to help build and refine his revolutionary approach to family law from the very beginning. Irwin and Andy both believed that divorce should be cost-effective and accessible to anyone who needed it and that best interests and needs of the children should be first consideration. Today, Andy and his staff continue to fight for the same things that Irwin fought for: readily-available education and representation for everyone—not just people who can afford an exorbitant retainer.

Miller Law Group is honored to represent Irwin’s vision of an evolving legal industry—and we’re proud to continue in his spirit of compassion and warmth, creative problem-solving, and authentic humanity.

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